Μεγανήσι – Ionian

Meganisi is (despite the name!) a fairly small island close to Lefkada. A little gem, in fact. Its few roads have been largely laid under asphalt even here, but there is hardly any traffic.

Selected walks:
For walks on the island, see Walks in Lefkada and Meganisi by Lance Chilton (referred to as “/Chilton/”) and Lefkada on Foot by Lida Out.

•1 SPILIÁ – ÁG. IOÁNNIS – SPARTOHÓRI (my total time 2h23; 352a 282d; net walking time 1h34): This is /Chilton/‘s walk 6. My time includes a swim at the decent beach at Ág. Ioánnis. An easy stroll this, but mostly on asphalt unfortunately.

• Good starting points: • Vathí • Spiliá

• How to get there: • By ferry from Kefalonia

• More info: • Municipality of Meganisi

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