Κέα (Τζια) – Cyclades

Kea is an island that is not affected by tourism in any large scale. Instead it is covered by holiday homes of the wealthy Greek. Many people know nothing about this island except that they will have heard of its famous lion (luckily this one is of the friendly kind).

The island is relatively green for a cycladic island, and you can do many beautiful walks. Also unusually, it has several “official” walks which are both signposted and marked. Unfortunately the rudimentary bus service makes these walks less accessible than they could have been.

The fairly peaceful port village and the beautiful hill Chóra are both well worth a visit.


Selected walks: For possible walks on this island see Walking, hiking and trekking on KEA by Raymond Verdoolaege. Good Anavasi (1:25000) and Road Editions (1:40000) maps exist (see above). Also check out Santorini, Sifnos and the Western & Southern Cyclades by Dieter Graf (referred to below as “/Graf/”).

•1 KORISSÍA – IOULÍDA (my total time 1h01, includes stops for photography and drinking; +247m -9m, 0 laps): You CAN stroll along the road to the Chóra, which is what I did. But what I later discovered (see walk 3 below) was that I could have walked the river bed all the way to Milopótamos, then taken the kalderími from there. Unfortunately I missed the walkers sign which was not easy to discover due to its placement on a wall. Be sure to spot this on the right just after the small bridge in Milopótamos.

•2 IOULÍDA – “LEÓN” – IOULÍDA (my total time 0h55, includes stops for photography and sightseeing; +-95m, 0 laps): This is a small part of official walk 1 on the island. If you are here just for the lion this idyllic stroll will do the trick. Signed and impossible to miss, starting in Chóra. For general directions you can e.g refer to the Chóra map you find in Greek Island Hopping.

Instead of returning back to Chóra, you can follow walk 32 in /Graf/ and continue all the way to Korissía (i.e you end up at Vourkári, where you can stroll to the port).

•3 IOULÍDA – FLÉA – KORISSÍA (my total time 2h27, includes stops for photography, sightseeing, drinking and quite a lot of “research”; +204m -466m, 2 laps): This is official walk 2 on the island, followed by a stroll back to the port. The description for the entire walk can be found as walk 1 in the page Walking, hiking and trekking on KEA by Raymond Verdoolaege.

I got the impression from Raymond’s text that a continuation from the water mills to the well of Fléa COULD be possible, but there was too much overgrowth and to much water in the creek. Included in my walk was also going up (and back down again) to the well/spring by the road (on the other side of the creek), to see if anything could be discovered from that side, but I could still not see where any possible walk could have gone. So after you are finished exploring the water mills be sure to go BACK to Milopótamos and stroll down the river bed to the port from there.

Another possibility is to follow walk 31 in /Graf/ for the entire route from Chóra. This option actually looks more interesting, but is not tested by myself.

• Good starting points: • Korissía – the port village • Ioulída – the Chóra

• How to get there: • By the odd ferry from some islands in the Cyclades North • By ferry from some other islands in the Cyclades West, most notably Kythnos • By the odd ferry from some islands in the Cyclades Central • By ferry from the mainland at Lavrio, usually two departures daily

• More info: • Walking, hiking and trekking on KEA by Raymond Verdoolaege

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