Αντίπαρος – Cyclades

Antiparos is (was, partly) a very quiet and very small island, but package tourism has arrived even here. The latest reports are that in high season this island is overrun by Scandinavian families. It offers good sightseeing and good (also nudist) beaches.

Many people are day tripping here from Paros, because of the famous Cave. If you don’t visit caves regularly, you should certainly make the effort, it IS impressing, besides being a cool refreshment from the summer heat. But do beware of the narrow slippery steps on your way down, also mind the sorry excuses for handrails.

But Antiparos has much more to offer. Although it is so well connected with the rest of the world (as it is so close to Paros, the ferry hub of the Cyclades Central), it should still remain a tranquil heaven for years to come (out of high season). It will be ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, and who still want to remain in the most central part of the Aegean.

The port of Antiparos is as pretty and white as Cycladic villages get, and of course much more genuine than the equally (or even more!) whitewashed Mykonos town, for instance. It is of course much more simple and unsophisticated, but if you are tired of the tourist crowds of Naxos or Paros, this could be the place to go.

Selected walks:
For walks on Antiparos take a look in Walking the Aegean Islands by Dieter Graf or his newer Amorgos, Naxos, Paros and the Eastern & Northern Cyclades, which should be more up-to-date.

•1 THE CAVE: See the book mentioned above.

• Good starting points: • Antiparos town – Buses depart for the cave each hour (It is also possible to walk, or use some infrequent boats and walk the last half hour or so up to the cave. You can walk to the official naturist beach.)

• How to get there: • By car ferry from Paros (Pounda) • Possibly a small passenger boat (in summer, and dependent on wind) from Paros (Parikia)

• More info: • Virtual Antiparos Isl. by WebVista

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