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Welcome to islandwalking.com! This site contains travelling and trekking tips for the Greek islands as well as many other islands in or not too far from the Mediterranean. It is not intended to replace any tourist or walking guides that you might have, it is only a small supplement. And indeed, it is even a prerequisite for most of the descriptions of walks on these pages that you own the guide book(s) referred to in the text.

In this blog you can also expect rants about just about anything else possibly related to walking as well as music or computers or beer or other “interesting” topics.

This site is dedicated to my mother Elsa (1934-2013)

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MO:ULa Pod Ages

To be able to “solve” the MO:ULa pod ages in a convenient manner it helps having a pod age calendar (or clock). Try e.g the Pod Clock application, available for most platforms. There is also information about the Pod Age Calendar available on the web, but its actual calculations does not seem to work in any modern web browser. Your best bet would be something like Opera 12.

Update: I can also confirm that the Pod Age Calendar page works in IE7 and IE8.

Update 2: A very quick reaction from the maintainers of that site! We already have a fix!

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Legacy PhysX Drivers

If you try installing MO:ULa on any recent version of Windows you will need to add these legacy drivers if you have an NVIDIA graphics card. This worked well for me also on Windows 10. Install the drivers before attempting to install the game. If you do not install the drivers first, the game installation will probably offer (or tell you) to downgrade your current PhysX drivers. That does NOT sound like a good idea…

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Myst Online: Uru Live


I had no idea this was still available, and it is even FREE. Brilliant game! For more information see http://mystonline.com.

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Sweet Dreams


1001 Nights. Goodnight! LOL.

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Quorthon’s Swan Song


A couple of decades and genre inventions later 2003’s Nordland II became Quorthon’s last record, as he died before he could finish this proposed 4 album cycle. After a rough patch in the 90’s Bathory’s return to form is truly awesome and, it seems, underappreciated. My advice is, do not miss the Nordland records.

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The History of Black Metal


When evil and bad religion in some way or another is choking most of this planet, and people get killed for criticizing it, it is good to promote freedom from slavery, and to subscribe to a different style of life. In music, if someone want to know the origin of Black Metal, here it is, the self-titled debut of Swedish “band” Bathory (mostly a one man project actually). The phrase had been coined previously, but with a different style of music. Earlier than you might think, in 1984 genius multi-instrumentalist Quorthon released this album, he was only eighteen years old at the time. Less known perhaps, but it can be said to be similar in impact to the debut of Black Sabbath back in 1970. I have gone through the history and discography of that band here.

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As a keen walker it was inevitable that the ultimate black Trekker medal was achieved at some point. A bit ironic perhaps that the final kilometer was achieved from my sofa while the GPS drifted me around a bit… 😉


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Levelling Up…

Levelled up twice in a couple of weeks now…



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Very Nice Moschofilero


This weekend I have been sampling this very nice Moshofilero. Fairly inexpensive too. Warmly recommended! I cannot remember I have ever had a Moshofilero more than once before, and that was the Skouras version (unforgettable dinner at Petrinos, Kos Town). As far as I can remember (it has been a few years…) this one is equally good.

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Flying Cat 5

Another ferry has been added to the collection, the Flying Cat 5.

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