The Bailiwick of Guernsey – The Channel Islands

This car free island is a blissful retreat away from most of the business of modern life. That does not mean you are in short when in comes to luxury as there are several very up-market hotels here.

Selected walks: For walks on Sark see Landscapes of Guernsey by Geoff Daniel and Walking on Guernsey by Paddy Dillon. PLEASE NOTE: when I refer to walk numbers etc. from the first of these books (as “/Daniel/”) they are all taken from the 5th edition. I refer to the latter book below as /Dillon/.

•1 THE FEUDAL ISLAND OF SARK (my total time 1h40; 312a 213d; net walking time 1h20). This is a slightly shortened version of Walk 13 in /Daniel/, just cutting the Beauregard part out. I did this walk on a day trip from Guernsey. On the subject of Beauregard, I could not see this “track” leading there either, until the road signs at one of the main crossroads in Sark. Left is then Beauregard, right is lunch, sorry, the village. Had a nice lunch there at the basic AJ’S CAFÉ (smack in the middle of town, on the main street).


•2 SARK SOUTH (my total time 3h56; 528a 526d; net walking time 2h54). This is Walk 23 in /Dillon/. The total time includes refreshments at the tea garden on Little Sark. I included Dixcart Bay, which I did not include in my walk 1 above, but left out other optional detours and also Hogsback since I had been there before. As with the above walk that follows the same route, for the most part navigation is not too difficult. Except AGAIN this book ALSO manages to not give any useful directions for the track to Beauregard. I know where it is now, but used the road, as the crossroads does NOT show any sign to “Dixcart Hotel”, it says “Stocks Hotel”. It is the only crossroads, but how would a first time visitor know that?


•3 SARK NORTH (my total time 3h51; 440a 430d; net walking time 2h31). This is Walk 24 in /Dillon/. I added detours to “Window in the Rock” (but not Port Moulin) and Point Robert. Fairly easy navigation, should not cause much aggravation.

• Good starting points: • Anywhere on the island

• How to get there: By ferry from Guernsey

• More info: • More walks can be found at • Ferry timetables for Sark can be found at Isle of Sark Shipping Company

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