The Bailiwick of Jersey – The Channel Islands

Jersey is a green and pleasant island for doing some very nice strolls. The island is fairly flat, so no, there will not be much mountaineering to do in these parts…

Food wise it seems value for money is more the rule than the exception. Standards are pretty high for both the food itself and the service. Update: It seems my personal absolute favorites may have closed down now, but see the individual walks below for lunch (and dinner) tips!

Hotels are generally on the expensive side, I felt the 3-star Hotel Monterey in St. Helier was a good compromise.

Selected walks: For walks on Jersey see Landscapes of Jersey by Geoff Daniel. PLEASE NOTE: when I refer to walk numbers etc. from this book (as “/Daniel/”) they are all taken from the 5th edition.

•1 ST. HELIER TOWN (my total time 1h29; 71a 71d; net walking time 0h55). This is Walk 1 in /Daniel/. As you can see on the timings, my walk does not include any visits to sites on the way, more than generally looking around and taking a picture or two, nor does it include the walk out to Elizabeth Castle. As always with town navigation, it is not trivial at all times to follow the exact route of a guide book. Not that it matters too much, but be especially aware of the distinction between Halkett Street and Halkett Place. From King/Queen Street it is tempting to wander straight into Halkett Place, but do not do that, instead do exactly what the book says and turn right and wait for Halkett Street. After the walk I strolled up to the Atlantique Seafood bar for an excellent lunch.

•2 ST. AUBIN – CORBIÈRE – ST. AUBIN (my total time 3h54; 385a 385d; net walking time 2h53). This is Walk 4 in /Daniel/. Not much to say about this one, just enjoy. Follow the text in the book carefully though. I did not include any side paths like to La Sergenté. Back in St. Aubin I had a nice lunch at the Bon Viveur Restaurant.

•3 GOREY – QUEEN’S VALLEY – GOREY (my total time 1h49; 192a 191d; net walking time 1h28). This is Walk 14 in /Daniel/. A very easy walk that can hardly go very wrong, but again, do read the text carefully. My walk does not include any detours. Back in Gorey I had a great lunch at Danny’s.

•4 ST. CATHERINE’S – GOREY (my total time 1h16; 176a 164d; net walking time 0h57). This is Walk 11 in /Daniel/. From St. Catherine’s walk the road south/south-west before you find the coastal path, as far as I remember this is the SECOND path going left. Note that after St. Catherine’s tower the coastal path is currently (May 2013) closed after some landslides. Temporarily divert using the road and then reconnect with the path on the other side. After my walk I had yet another great lunch at Danny’s.

•5 ST. AUBIN – NOIRMONT – PORTELET BAY – PORTELET COMMON – LE FRET – ST. AUBIN (my total time 2h34; 267a 279d; net walking time 1h49). This is Walk 3 Alt + the entire walk 3 in /Daniel/, continuing with walk 3 from Noirmoint and connecting back to the original crossroads where the “Foot and bridle path” starts via The Old Portelet Inn etc and returning to St Aubin. I.e walk 3 with start/end in St Aubin, to put it simpler. No big problems on this alternative walk, the place where you connect to the “Foot and bridle path” is fairly obvious. I included Le Fret, but not any other possible diversions. Back in St. Aubin I had a fabulous lunch at “Mash!”.

•6 ST. CATHERINE’S – LA COUPE – DOLMEN DU COUPERON – ROZEL (my total time 1h36; 246a 247d; net walking time 1h11). This is half of Walk 10 + part of Walk 9 (in reverse) in /Daniel/. I intended to do an inland stroll from St. Catherine’s to Rozel, combining walks 9 and 10, effectively doing walk 9 with starting point at the St. Catherine’s breakwater. However, rain set in and navigation using the map became more difficult. After two detours first to La Coupe and then Dolmen du Couperon, the rains still did not give in, and I found it easier to just connect with the coastal path coming from Rozel, not needing any difficult navigation or a map. A nice walk in any weather then. After the walk I had a steak at the Rozel Bar & Restaurant (basically an old fashioned inn or pub).

• Good starting points: • St. Helier – from here the bus will take you around the entire island

• How to get there: • By air • By ferry from other Channel Islands

• More info: • Bus timetables can be found at Liberty Bus • Airlines for the Channel Islands are Aurigny, Blue Islands and Flybe

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