The Bailiwick of Guernsey – The Channel Islands

A very tiny island where you can involve in fine dining and/or heavy drinking. 😉 But seriously, the Conservatory Restaurant at The White House Hotel is a place for advanced food-oholics, and the big Mermaid Tavern is host to several beer festivals throughout the year, has lots of good beer, and even a special brand for the island called Herm Island Gold, brewed by Liberation Brewery.

This is another island without cars. A veritable garden it is.

Selected walks: For walks on Herm see Landscapes of Guernsey by Geoff Daniel and Walking on Guernsey by Paddy Dillon. PLEASE NOTE: when I refer to walk numbers etc. from the first of these books (as “/Daniel/”) they are all taken from the 5th edition. I refer to the latter book below as /Dillon/.

•1 THE ENCHANTING ISLAND OF HERM (my total time 1h21; 221a 217d; net walking time 1h06). This is Walk 12 SW in /Daniel/. I did this walk on a day trip from Guernsey. Again a short walk, it was time for lunch at The Mermaid.


•2 HERM ROUND TOUR (my total time 2h12; 223a 211d; net walking time 1h28). This is Walk 25 in /Dillon/. The full round tour this time. As you more or less follow the coast the whole time there are few possibilities of going wrong anywhere.

• Good starting points: • Anywhere on the island

• How to get there: By ferry from Guernsey

• More info: • For more info about walking and everything else on Herm see http://herm.com/activities/walking/default.aspx • Ferry timetables for Herm can be found at Trident Charter Company

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