CAPRI – Italy

Wonderful Capri, an island of picture perfect beauty. Because of that this small island also gets an insane number of visitors, in high-season hardly bearable I would think and by far best off-season.

Selected walks: For walks on the island, see Landscapes of Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri by Julian Tippett (referred to below as “/Tippett/”).

•1 MARINA GRANDE – ANACAPRI – TORRE DAMECUTA – MARINA GRANDE (my total time 2h53; 467a 470d; net walking time 2h15): This walk consists of segments 70a-71-70b in /Tippett/.

No problem to find your way here. Note that the “first pedestrian crossing” was actually the third. No big deal.

•2 CAPRI – ARCO NATURALE – CAPRI (my total time 2h03; 359a 363d; net walking time 1h36): This walk consists of segments 69a-67-68-69b in /Tippett/.

The instructions for segment 67 did not work out. Once you are on your way on Via Longano just disregard instructions and instead just continue ahead following signs. The mentioned crossroads will then be reached in a simpler way from a different street than in the book, but all is marked so no problem at all.

• Good starting points: • You are already there…

• How to get there: • By ferry

• More info: • Public Transportation in the Amalfi – Sorrento – Salerno – Naples Area by SITA is an English language digest of the SITA bus information • Sita Bus is another English language version of the bus schedules • Amalfi Coast Web has English language bus and ferry information • travelmar has some ferry schedules for the area • METRÓ del MARE has more ferry schedules • Unico Campania has information about all public transport in the Naples area • Alibus runs the Naples airport shuttle • Curreri runs a Naples airport transfer service to/from Sorrento • Transport strikes in Italy should be checked for information about strikes in public transport • Italian Transportation Strikes is another site to check for information about strikes

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