KAŞ – Turkey

Kaş is a very nice little town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. One could call it a near Greek experience in several ways…

Good food and wine is typical in this town, but check your options in e.g the Lonely Planet guide for the latest info.

Selected walks:
For walking around Kaş take a look in Turkish Coast – Kaş to Dalyan by Michael Bussmann and Gabriele Tröger with walks by Dean Livesley. All references below are to this book (as “/Livesley/”, and PLEASE NOTE: when I refer to walk numbers in this book they are taken from the 3rd edition).

•1 KAŞ – LIMAN AĞZI LOOP (my total time 3h20; 357a 359d; net walking time 2h34): This is Walk 3 in /Livesley/.

The walk is easy to follow. Waymarking is good. But a glitch in the book: “Continue through the farm yard, then take the path forking right beyond the buildings…”. No, fork LEFT immediately after the first farm building!

For the vertiginous part there is now a proper climbing rope attached to the cliff wall, so it should not feel too bad.

•2 KAŞ – ÇUKURBAĞ – KAŞ (my total time 5h05; 736a 739d; net walking time 4h10): This is my adaption of (part of) Walk 6 in /Livesley/.

The walk is easy to follow. Waymarking is good. The start of the walk was made unnecessarily difficult to find though, due to inaccuracies in the book and unlucky circumstances on my visit: “Continue up the hill”. No, turn left immediately after the Lion’s Tomb. And the day I did the walk the “Likya Cad” street sign here was turned 90 degrees clockwise… So beware.

Wonderful views on this walk! And the huge plain over the mountain really came as a surprise. Who would have imagined that?

•3 KAŞ – BAYINDIR – UFAKDERE – LIMAN AĞZI – KAŞ (my total time 5h38; 797a 805d; net walking time 4h48): This is Walk 2 in /Livesley/.

An interesting walk, but not recommended due to aggressive loose dogs some time after Bayındır.

The map tracing before Bayındır is really bad. Just continue until you see the little gorge you are supposed to enter. At Bayındır the book is impossible to understand, just stroll the road instead. There is no traffic.

The vertiginous ledge was nasty, but I survived at least. I liked the dogs less.

•4 KAŞ – LIMAN AĞZI – KAŞ (my total time 4h27; 517a 528d; net walking time 3h39): This is Walk 2 Alt 3 in /Livesley/.

The walk is pretty hard to follow. There was waymarking though (yellow and blue), and I just followed that instead of the book. The book was bascially impossible to comprehend, and I saw little of what the book talks about.

Eventually the waymarked rough track seemed to completely end at a disused goat pen. This is the second goat pen you pass (or third if you count some fallen down buildings and walls that possibly also was used as animal shelters at the end of the plain). Be sure to pick up the proper track again slightly downhill and ahead.

• Good starting points: • The town itself

• How to get there: • By bus from Antalya or Fethiye

• More info: Sorry, none yet

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