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To put it mildly, Antalya is not a good base for your walking holiday. If you however have a few days you want to kill before your flight home, there are plenty of other interesting things to do. For instance you can do some really excellent fine dining without breaking the bank.

Also, the old town (excluding the horrible bazaar area) is pretty nice and good for a stroll or two.

For dining the two best restaurants in town are the Seraser and Vanilla, both located in the old town.

Selected walks:
For walking around Antalya take a look in Turkish Coast – Antalya to Demre by Michael Bussmann and Gabriele Tröger with walks by Brian and Eileen Anderson. All references below are to this book (as “/Anderson/”, and PLEASE NOTE: when I refer to walk numbers in this book they are taken from the 1st edition).

•1 KEMER – FIRE-WATCH STATION – KEMER (my total time 2h13; 362a 353d; net walking time 1h54): This is Walk 7 Alt 1 in /Anderson/. A nice stroll, with extensive views. Not much to add here. And for a horrible tourist resort Kemer is at least survivable.
•2 GÖYNÜK (my total time 2h18; 184a 185d; net walking time 1h50): This is my adaption of walk 9 short walk in /Anderson/, but starting in the centre of Göynük. So really it is a walk 8 short walk.

All is destroyed here, so just forget it. The gorge is commercialized and it is with danger of your life you enter the same tracks as a hundred quad bikes. And that is before even mentioning the sound pollution from that crap. Stay away at all cost, and Göynük is so horrible I could not even sit down for a beer without feeling contaminated. Good grief.

•3 ÇAMYUVA – PHASELIS – ÇAMYUVA (my total time 2h49; 292a 297d; net walking time 2h48): This is Walk 11 in /Anderson/.

A nice stroll through the woods, but with some less than interesting parts. Without Phaselis the walk in itself is not worth too much.

What the book does not tell you is that there is a “second” Çamyuva after the little headland. That is where you should start the walk, not what you would think is the centre of Çamyuva.

However, it is unclear if the main road will be very walkable for much longer, there is a massive expansion of the highway going on. I can at least promise this will be very uncomfortable. And will your turn-off even exist in the future, and from where?

Also, forget about any promised “secluded coves” etc. After the tourist boats have unloaded their cargo there will be standing room only, vodka bottles lies strewn and there will be russians shitting behind every bush, even directly from the marked path. Be warned.

•4 KALEIÇI (my total time 1h39; 100a 102d; net walking time 1h04): This is possibly the nicest little stroll you can do near or in Antalya. A small stroll around the old town as indicated on the Antalya Tourist Map.

• Good starting points: • The bus station?

• How to get there: • By air

• More info: Sorry, none yet

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