Πάργα – Preveza region in Epirus

For a tourist resort Parga is surprisingly pretty and well worth a visit. And for the keen walker the surrounding landscape is excellent for easier walks and strolls. I would not go here in high season though. Perfect in May.

The best restaurants I found in Parga during my stay was:

1. Taverna Stefanos, with a beautiful sunset view over Valtos (their specialty is fish, but they are good at everything in my experience).

2. Castello, at the Hotel Akropol (this is a first class restaurant, but e.g has reasonably priced and still very special pasta dishes).

Selected walks: For walks around Parga take a look in Walks in Parga by Lance Chilton (referred to as “/Chilton/“). Due to Lance Chilton’s writing skills, very detailed walk descriptions and good ability of map drawing, following the walks I put together below is mostly shear pleasure, and hardly any navigation problems should occur. Where nothing else is noted only small rests, time for photography and a minimum of sightseeing is included in the total time for the walks.

•1 PÁRGA – PÁRGA CASTLE – VÁLTOS – PANAGÍAS TOU VLAHERNÓN – VÁLTOS – PÁRGA (my total time 2h41; 337a 356d; net walking time 2h01): This is /Chilton/‘s walks 1+2, ending the walk back in Párga. A very easy walk, but even here with nice views.

•2 PÁRGA – VÁLTOS – ÁGIOS SÓSTIS – SARAKÍNIKO (+ RETURN) (my total time 4h26; 695a 701d; net walking time 3h38): This is /Chilton/’s walks 1+5, with a return the same way. Includes a small dip in the ocean at the very pleasant Ágios Sóstis beach. Also tried to hunt out the way down to the “coastal rocks” before that beach, but the finally very overgrown path ended just above the interesting rocks, where the rest of the path had caved in. The scramble down was just too rough.

•3 PÁRGA – VÁLTOS – ANTHOÚSA – ANTHOÚSA CASTLE – VÁLTOS – PÁRGA (my total time 3h23; 552a 569d; net walking time 2h32): This is /Chilton/‘s walks 1+3+8+(most of)4, returning to Párga via the Ágios Sóstis crossroads and Váltos (part of walk 4). One thing of particular note is that /Chilton/‘s track towards Anthoúsa, is NOT the signed track that is surfaced all the way. Go instead right on the NEXT track, just before the stream.

•4 PÁRGA – ÁGIOS KONSTANDÍNOS – AGÍA ELÉNI – LÝKHNOS – PÁRGA (my total time 4h16; 557a 561d; net walking time 2h09): This is /Chilton/‘s walks 13+14(in reverse). Due to the overgrown nature of the last part of walk 13 I selected the option marked **() in /Chilton/, to the “area above Lýkhnos”. That was probably a very wise choice as the last part of the path directly down to the beach looked completely blocked by a new building site when I later investigated from the other side. The Lýkhnos beach itself turned out to be wonderful, although the water was surprisingly cold in the middle of May. I spent around an hour there.

•5 PÁRGA – AGÍA KYRIAKÍ – PANAGÍA – ANTHOÚSA – VÁLTOS – PÁRGA (my total time 3h45; 519a 523d; net walking time 2h50): This is /Chilton/‘s walks 12+3+1(in reverse). Mind the intricate navigation just before the Panagía church. Read and re-read both the text and the map to make sure you go the right way. You are supposed to go RIGHT on the fork BEFORE the tin shed. This is actually well before the track turns left up to the mentioned apartments. For once I think /Chilton/ could have been more clear. Also mind: Several loose dogs may be encountered on this walk.

• Good starting points • You are already there… • How to get there: • By air (charter) • More info: • Parganet is a tourist guide for Parga • Pargaweb has all about Parga

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