Αθήνα – Attica

Athens is a rather pleasant city to walk around in. This is not because of its huge number of extremely interesting sites, they are actually, and perhaps surprisingly, quite few if you compare to e.g Rome. But, and again so unlike Rome, the traffic is fairly civilized and streets are usually easily crossed on a green light for pedestrians. Athens is a concrete jungle, but with these fantastic and beautiful hills (in floodlights at night). To me the city is a facinating chaos.

Quality of food and drink is unfortunately often quite mediocre compared to the average Greek island, especially considering its price. Pick your choices well! And look out for scams, they are everywhere, do never accept any “deals” suggested by people that prey upon easily fooled tourists.

Selected walks: I especially like to stroll around Akropolis, Lykavittos, Keramikos and other places of historical interest. On Lykavittos you can e.g take the cable car up and then walk down (or vice versa). The book shown above looks interesting if you should want to do more “planned” walks: Strolling Through Athens by John Freely.

• Good starting points: • Just about anywhere in central Athens

• How to get there: • By air

• More info:Ancient Agora, Athens Tourist Attractions, Athens Walking Tours – Walking is the best way to discover Athens! Athens walking tours give you the opportunity to visit ancient agora, Athens acropolis and other tourist attractions in Athens.

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