Σκύρος – Sporades

Skyros is not visited by great many tourists, located as it is in a backwater east and south of the rest of the Northern Sporades, poorly connected by ferry. The airport might change this, but at present there are not a lot of flights either.

When you arrive Skyros at the port of Linaria, you are sure to be in the middle of nowhere! I am sorry to say that this is probably the most run-down port in Greece I have ever arrived at. There are no room owners meeting the boats, just dirty-looking kids running around. Add to that a prominent selection of what looked like hard-core porn magazines in the local drugstore, and you should have the atmosphere perfectly. But the situation will improve as soon as you move on. Even if buses are not properly synchronized with arriving ferries, hopefully you will get to the Chora within the hour. There is nothing to do or see in Linaria, that’s for sure…

Up in Chora proprietors WILL meet the bus, and as rooms are scarce, it is probably a smart move to take what is on offer here, if you want to stay at all. The Chora itself, surprisingly enough, is a beautiful village of almost Cycladic appearance, high up in the hillside and around a mountain. The view from the Kastro is fabulous, and should not be missed. It is probably worth the whole trip. Afterwards you may find yourself a quiet and friendly bar to sit and appreciate this peaceful place.

At my visit (1994) I could daytrip from other islands in the Sporades at certain days of the week, using the Flying Dolphins. This route does not exist anymore, the only possibility to get to this island by boat presently is from the more nearby island of Evvia.

Selected walks:

•1 Walk from the Chora up to the Kastro: A very short but interesting walk. Part of the fun is finding your way in the labyrinth of streets. Some friendly monks might help you on the way, the way actually passes right through their monastery. I think this Kastro could be even more spectacular then the similar one on Milos.

• Good starting points: • Linaria – Bus service (of some sort) to Chora.

• How to get there: • By ferry from Evvia • By air

• More info: Sorry, none yet

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