Μεγιστη – Dodecanese

Kastellorizo (or Megisti, which is its Greek name) is a delightful little island isolated on the Turkish coast. Not many people live here the whole year round, and to call it idyllic is an understatement. The island is perfect for just relaxation, because it is so small there is not a great deal of walking to be done. Along the waterfront there are many nice cafés and tavernas.

Selected walks: For a walk on Kastellorizo take a look in Turkish Coast – Kaş to Dalyan by Michael Bussmann and Gabriele Tröger with walks by Dean Livesley. All references below are to this book (as “/Livesley/”, and PLEASE NOTE: when I refer to walk numbers in this book they are taken from the 3rd edition). Similar walks and more can be found in Rhodes Karpathos Kos Southern Dodecanese by Dieter Graf (referred to below as “/Graf/”).

•1 KASTELLORIZO (my total time 2h19; 323a 324d; net walking time was only 1h35): This is Walk 1 in /Livesley/. It covers parts of what are walks 39 and 40 in /Graf/ (2nd edition, in the 1st edition the walk numbers are 33 and 34).

The walk is fairly easy to follow, although not particularly well written in the book. E.g: “from the base of the castle follow…”. I did what the book said, although it was strictly in opposition to the map. And ended straight down at the museum. In retrospect I understand what was meant was “from the base of the ROCK follow…”. So the text directly guides you in the wrong direction.

• Good starting points: • Megisti town
• How to get there: • By air • By ferry from Rhodes or Kaş
• More info: Sorry, none yet

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