Posted by on November 19, 2015

Best video game ever? I dunno, I am not such a regular game player. I can only say I am thoroughly impressed that someone has been able to pack such an emotional story into something as “trivial” as a video game. I believe this soundtrack gives you a good indication. I am also very happy (and a bit surprised perhaps) about the continued survival of the “adventure” game.

Well, is this a game or is it an interactive movie? In sum it does make one hell of a movie. And to call it “emotional” is a bit like calling the sun warm… I would think even the most seasoned game players have to take a break after discovering the final truth about “Faith”. Absolutely heartbreaking as well a kick in the guts. Listen to track 22 here, “Faith”. If you do not listen to anything else of this soundtrack, do listen to that little piano piece.

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