Notes on Skopelos Trails (April 2001 edition) walks

page 19

line 3

I suggest a revised wording: A couple of minutes later there is a large,new………
line 9 I suggest a revised wording: After a couple of minutes, follow it as it veers…..
page 22
line 17

I suggest a revised wording: (right goes towards the mills that we passed a few minutes ago)… (we thought that this might have been a different one)

lines 25/6

We walked up to threes churches, they are not very far and it’s a nice path, nice churches and good views and not far up!

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line 4

I suggest a revised wording:..,old track. this goes off to the right, just where a concrete road comes in from the left. The track follows… (We thought that the track was not too obvious)

picture 15 We felt that the picture is wrong. The path down goes off about 20 metres further on than is shown in the photo.

page 31

line 19

I suggest a revised the Remetzo taverna, straight on behind the taverna…..

page 32
line 16

I suggest a revised wording: …After about 5 minutes a fence appears on the right (this is the first fence on the right along this road). At the end of this fence the track starts. Follow the fence down to the right. The track is not obvious at first, but after a few metres it becomes clear. We found that this path is impassable —overgrown. In fact we attacked it from the spring end, but shortly found it impossible to proceed.

page 36
line 15 This track seem to have become the victim of landslides and fallen trees.
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line 4

We left the town in the way described, but even in April (no hire cars about) the road is very busy. We felt that walking through the town would be nicer.
line 22

We lost our way here, partly because if you turn right before the house, you don’t pass the Xeropigatho spring. I suggest

Turn right about 50 metres before the house onto a dirt road. Where this road swings left and is barred by a fence, go right on to a narrow path. Ignore paths going off left and then right to pass a dry spring on the right. 50 metres further on, turn right on to a stepped path. Alternatively pass below the house and the spring and follow the dirt road right past the house. This becomes a concrete road. Just after the concrete ends, go right at a fork and left 50 metres later on to the stepped path.

page 42
line 8 This isn’t a right angle — it’s about 135 degrees and it’s the third such turning past the antenna. It’s signposted Agios Alexandrou.
page 48

line 4 up from bottom

I suggest a revised wording: ……Just before the taverna, the road divides……

page 53

line 17

I suggest a revised wording: Continue straight ahead, ignoring the concrete road going right. Pass a kalivi……

line 4

It doesn’t look like Picture 71 now — been bulldozed!!

If you drop down the steep earth slope on the right just past the church, the path becomes obvious.

line 6

This turn is a 135 degree one.

page 61
line 11

This path isn’t at all obvious and there was no cairn when we were there. Would it be worth saying that it is about 50 metres beyond the church (opposite a new house).

Editors note: At least at my visit I could find a path immediately after this church.

page 63
line 12 The fence seems no longer to be there.
line 26

We couldn’t see the lone pine tree, but we did pick up the AE waymarks leading into the woods, but subsequently lost them and got lost. Should the waymarks continue and do they stand for (and lead to) Ag Efstathios?

page 68

Would it be worth pointing out here that the path up to Paleo Klima, referred to on page 72 (bottom), comes out just above the overflow pipe. Also it might be worth saying that this is a lovely path.

page 71
picture 87 The path going off in picture 87 dies out after about 5 minutes. We followed ‘Mr Walker’s’ suggestion and continued on the dirt road to pick up your circuit later.

We subsequently looked for this path from the bottom end. We think that we found it, if the gully occurs immediately before you ‘jump down. Unfortunately we found the gully path to be impassable because of a number of fallen trees.

page 85

line 21 I suggest a revised wording (we went rather wrong, but eventually found the correct route), as follow:

After 5 minutes the track ends. A rocky waymarked path leads into the forest and winds down. After another 5 minutes, turn left on to another path, ignoring the waymarks encouraging you to go straight ahead (this is your return route). This path leads into an olive grove, keep right here. After 10 minutes turn left onto a track by a sawn off tree. Pass a waymarked junction, following the direction of the painted arrow (straight on). Pass under power lines into an olive grove. In this grove immediately after crossing a shallow ditch turn left and follow the ditch with it on your left as it becomes deeper. Turn left and cross the ditch at waymarks to pick up the path. Go through a dead……

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