Notes on Walking in the Aegean Islands by Dieter Graf (2000 edition)

Walk 21

We thought that this walk was not particularly good and difficult to find in places. We do not recommend it, compared with the many other walks in Naxos.

page 96

Line 4

should read " we turn left past the monument…"

Line 18

should read "…follow a red arrow straight on before climbing…"

Line 19

The left turn is not the first left, follow the waymarks.

Lines 28/29

We could not follow this instruction. We took the new stone path roughly west from the temple to reach a road. Turned right and arrived at the point mentioned in line 7 on page 98.

page 98

3 lines from the bottom

We could not find the "walled entrance". We went across country directly opposite where the track from the gravel works meets the road.

page 99

Line 7

The section "without a trail over thorny ground" is very difficult to negotiate. there are some very deep gullies which are hard to cross.

Walk 22

A very nice walk

page 100

A nicer way to start this walk (and avoid a stretch of main road) is to follow the end of Walk 20 in reverse. Leave Chalki on the path opposite the shop that sells ‘Kitron’ and go left at the sign to Agios Georgios. The map for Walk 20 is reliable.


page 102

Line 6

Having descended from the castle, follow the red waymarks on the path below the castle with a wall on the right. When the wall turns off to the right make for Photo 3 (page 101). This is not waymarked. The waymarked path seems to lead to Potamia.

Walk 23

A very nice walk

page 104

Line 13 (of the walk — time 0.13)

There is some confusion here. For example, the ‘church on the hill’ seems to be the ‘cruciform-domed basilica’.

I suggest "….taking the roadway, go left at the fork of dirt tracks, but shortly up the hill go right on the stone trail (not obvious and flooded in April 2003).." — this is the paved road.

Line 26

You can take the track from behind the garage (petrol station)

Line 30

After "….left again straight after.", make for a walled-in path over to the left, leading towards a church. Do not take this path, but the one a few metres to the right of it. This leads to a wide path where you turn left.

page 106

Lines 10/11

Should be "…take the steps to the left of the memorial and take the right fork just after the steps, then keep left at the next fork and go right behind the bridge…."

Walk 26

Lovely walk

page 118

Line 1

In April 2003, the "ditch" was a stream.

Line 20

Follow the stream upstream

Line 28

Should be "We go right at the well, up the steps…"

page 119

Line 11

The chapel mentioned cannot be seen from the turret.


Line 12

The path runs between two walls.

Walk 27

A lovely walk

page 27

Line 12 (of the walk)

It is very overgrown.

Line 16

Should be "… proceed along beside the two rocky hills…"

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