Notes on Alonissos on foot by Bente Keller and Elias Tsoukanas (2002 edition)

page 28 para starting "The winding road.."

For the second sentence, we suggest "After about 15 minutes the road splits again, keep to the left."

For the last sentence in this para we suggest "Shortly after, the road ends, but just before it does, you follow the path that goes gently down wards on the left, which ends in an olive grove."

Incidentally, we thought that the description of the next part of the route was excellent; we though that it would be impossible to describe it!

page 39

The description of the route to Vithisma beach was fine, except that having descended the wide path, it is not clear how to go the last bit to the beach.

We suggest, instead of the last sentence, "Continue on the dirt road a few metres beyond the wide path to take a narrower and less conspicuous path off left. Where this path divides, take the right-hand fork to arrive, after a steep descent, at a set of concrete steps. You need to take care on the last few metres before the steps."

page 63

There has been some building work by the Atrium Hotel and the path seems to have been lost.

We suggest that the second paragraph begins "At the first hairpin bend, as the road swings left, continue straight ahead to take the inconspicuous path that goes immediately to the right of some metal gates and a wall. You pass a few small houses. About 20 metres beyond the last house turn right on to another path at a T junction. It passes through small…."


We got a little lost shortly after this. We suggest that the second and third sentences of para three are replaced with "Where it ends the path splits, go left here so you follow the same direction……."

page 73

In the first para we suggest "….Tzottzi Yialos. Continue along this road ignoring two dirt roads going left, but take the third one going left. Follow that and ignore the road going off right almost immediately. The road you are on leads to the other side….."

page 74

The path in para 1 is no longer accessible from the small road. We suggest "…..a small road goes down to the left. From the start of this road, drop down into the olive groves (no path) and follow along to below the house where you will find a path leading away from the house, follow this down. From here it takes….."


page 75

para starting "After about 5 minutes.."

We found a nice path that avoids the dirt road.

We suggest "…Follow this road to the right. 100 metres up this road, as it takes a sharp left-hand bend, go ahead on to an obvious path through the pines. You arrive at a junction of three dirt roads, go ahead to pass a concrete facing (dry spring)….."

Just after this we felt that it would be helpful to point out that the glade is just before you reach the top of the hill.

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